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Red Dead Redemption game demo

Red Dead Redemption
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Title : Red Dead Redemption
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Red Dead Redemption is a sandbox-style action-adventure western video game developed by Rockstar San Diego, released in May 2010 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is a spiritual successor  to 2004's Red Dead Revolver.

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Red Dead Redemption gives the player a large, open world environment allowing the player to move freely.Players on foot can walk, talk, shoot, kill, ride, run, interact with the environment, and combat enemies with firearms. Different breeds of horses are the main forms of transportation. Swimming is not an option, as the protagonist John Marston cannot swim and will drown if the player ventures too far into a body of water (though he is able to wade where the water is shallow enough).

The open world environment allows players to choose how they want to play.
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Storyline missions are for progress. Along with the main storyline, players can take part in random events they encounter as they explore the West. These include public hangings, ambushes, pleas for assistance, and dangerous animal attacks. Players can also take part in optional side activities ranging from standoffs, gambling, and hunting animals for pelts and meat.

Red Dead Redemption makes use of a morality system where players have the ability to gain positive or negative 'honor'.
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Some of the ways to gain positive honor include taking an outlaw alive instead of killing him, or saving a kidnapped innocent. Negative honor can be attained for committing crimes including killing and/or robbing civilians. This works along with another system, 'fame,' showing and governing how people react based on Marston's honor status.


Red Dead Redemption includes online multiplayer with a maximum of 16 players per session. Every multiplayer game, both free-for-all and team based, will begin with a Mexican standoff.
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Survivors of the standoff will be able to move to any part of the battlefield in preparation for respawning enemies. Crates in the environment will contain extra weapons, ammo, as well as recharge Dead-Eye powers, which has all the features of the single player version except for slow motion. Players can level up and complete weapon challenges giving rewards such as new character models, golden weapon skins, and new mount breeds.

Both regular and team versions of Shootout mode follows a traditional deathmatch scenario where players or teams must accumulate the most kills.
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Many Capture the Flag variants are also available. Hold Your Own is a traditional capture the flag, where each team has their own bag of gold to defend from the enemy team. Grab The Bag has one team attacking and the other team defending; the attackers goal is to grab the bag and return to base, while the defenders must stop them in the act. Gold Rush is a free-for-all variant, trying to grab and keep as many bags, spawned all across the map, as possible.

Like Grand Theft Auto IV's free mode, Red Dead Redemption has its own free roaming mode. All players in the server can form and join player parties, named "posses", of up to eight players and taking part in activities such as attacking computer-controlled gang hideouts or other player posses, go hunting, and create in-server matches.Other multiplayer gamemodes in Red Dead Redemption feature up to 16 players in one game.

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