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ModNation Racers game demo

ModNation Racers
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Title : ModNation Racers
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ModNation Racers is an kart racing game developed by United Front Games for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.User generated content will be a central aspect of the game, such that it uses the same "Play, Create, Share.

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" adage as LittleBigPlanet to convey its basis in online user-generated content sharing and level creation tools. Modnation Racers for PlayStation 3 was announced and first shown publicly at E3 2009.
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The PSP version was announced in February 2010. Both are currently scheduled to be released on May 25, 2010 in North America. No date has been confirmed for the European launch of the PSP version An online beta was made available for the PS3 in the US in December 2009 and in Europe in January 2010.
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Players are able to accelerate and drift similar to other racing games in the kart-racing genre, in the game successful drifts also allow players to fill their boost meter.
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The meter resembles a multi-tiered thermometer which allows players to utilize a turbo boost or use a shield to protect their kart from incoming attacks. Players are able to collect weapons as they race which can be upgraded to up to three levels of power, weapons include sonic attacks, missiles and lightning strikes.
Images from the content : ModNation Racers : Game detail
For example a first Level sonic attack emits a series of rings around the player knocking nearby opponents off the track while a third Level lightning strike would cover the sky and rain bolts of purple electricity on all opponents ahead of the player.
In addition to the emphasis on user-generated content, the game includes a full-fledged single-player mode featuring a story by professional Hollywood writers.

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